Problems a New Gym Owner Has To Face and How to Overcome Them

6 min readFeb 22, 2021

Opening a gym comes with a lot of responsibilities that gym management software can help you with. Learn what problems a new gym owner has to face and how to overcome them.

Gym Management Software for Gym and Fitness Owners

The fitness industry will be on the rise as long as people are conscious about their health but that does not mean that opening a fitness facility is a cakewalk. There are many challenges that a new gym owner has to face to make sure that the gym keeps running smoothly.

Out of those many things, there are some that a top gym management software can easily help you take care of including membership management, inventory management, and accounts.

That is how it also helps in reducing the burden of tasks required to operate a gym or a fitness facility more efficiently.

In this blog, we will be looking at various problems that a new gym owner has to face and how you can overcome them with a little help from gym management software and some smart work.

Facility Cost

Opening a fitness gym or a facility costs a lot. Depending on the location and size of your facility, it may vary anywhere from 10–20 lakh rupees, or even more. You should plan that amount before starting your investments.

Create a budget for different types of spendings for your gym like rental budget, equipment budget, maintenance budget, etc. This allows you to organize your spendings and gives you a price range to decide on how much loan you may need if you decide on getting one.

As your gym starts to gain traction and more members start to workout at your gym, you will be able to pay off that loan.

A gym management software helps you in attracting new members with its marketing feature that is linked with your gym listing on the online gym listing portal. It sends inquiries directly to your computer so that you can follow up on the potential client and turn them into your gym member.

Maintaining Inventory

Equipment, cleaning supplies, towels, changing room supplies, sports drinks, etc. are a part of your inventory. You need to make sure that all of it is well-stocked and maintained.

Especially when it comes to equipment, you need to be sure about its proper functioning so that it does not stop working or cause trouble to any member of your gym. Timely maintenance of your equipment allows you to keep them in good condition for a long time and reduces the cost of repair or replacement.

For all your other inventory, you can use gym management software that gives you an inventory management feature. With this feature, you can keep a track of all your supplies and inventory to reduce extra expenses by optimizing its usage.

The inventory management feature also alerts you when you need to restock your supplies and helps you manage your suppliers so that every time, you get all your quality supplies from a trustworthy dealer.

Hiring and Managing Staff and Trainers

Your gym staff and trainers are the ones interacting directly with your members. They play a huge role in retaining your gym members and so are just as important as your members.

You need to be very careful while hiring your staff and trainers for your gym. Make sure that your trainers are certified, and are passionate about what they do. Your staff too needs to be enthusiastic and motivated to work as a part of your fitness brand. Your patient and careful decision will work in your favor in the future.

A gym management software will provide you features that can increase your staff’s efficiency, allowing them to work more productively without feeling stressed or pressured to complete certain redundant tasks maintaining the member profile, packages, or communicating the diet and workout schedule to the members.

With the trainer’s application of the gym management software, the trainers can easily access member’s health records and create workout as well as diet schedules for every member accordingly.

Attracting Membership

A new gym needs to spread awareness about its presence to allow people to even enter the gym. A lot of new gym owners struggle with attracting gym members. Or they rent a location that already had a previous gym facility to reduce the setup cost or initial marketing cost. But this tactic can easily backfire if the fitness facility before yours had a negative reputation or its reputation can simply overshadow yours. This means that people will only see you as a replacement for the previous gym without allowing you to make your own reputation in the location.

To tackle this problem, first, you need to choose your gym location wisely. After that, you can set up your gym website, social media accounts, and advertisements to spread awareness about your gym and what it offers.

You can also register your gym or fitness facility on gym listing portals where people interested in joining the gym would usually go to search for the nearby gym that provides workouts that they are comfortable with.

There are other proven ways that you can try to attract new gym members like offering added value to your clients, targeting diverse people, and building your gym community to make your members feel like they are a part of your gym.

Membership Retention

Many gym owners agree that retaining old gym members is less costly than attracting new members. Moreover, your loyal members may also promote your gym through word-of-mouth and bring in more of their friends and family members.

Hence you must find new ways to attract and retain gym membership for the higher profit of your gym. One way to retain your members is to gain their feedback on your gym.

Getting their feedback and working on it allows your gym members to express their opinions and also shows them that you are ready to work on it for their convenience. That way, you can keep open communication between you and your members.

With gym management software, you can communicate with your members in more ways than one through WhatsApp or SMS messages and push notifications within the dedicated gym management software mobile application for members.

With the application, you can send important notifications like schedule changes, event notifications, and fee reminders directly to your member’s smartphone.


Any fitness facility needs a lot more than just capital to get started. You must have a clear budget and business plan to start your gym facility. Knowing how to get a license, permit, and land for your gym is just the beginning. Maintaining the business is just as important as starting a new one if not more.

In this blog, we discussed different problems that a new gym owner has to face and how to overcome them. These problems, although not limited to, were,

1) Facility cost

2) Maintaining inventory

3) Hiring and managing staff and trainers

4) Attracting membership

5) Membership retention

A gym management software is a great tool to handle some of these problems to reduce your workload and allow you to operate your gym more efficiently. If you are someone who is planning on starting their new gym or fitness facility, then you can try the gym management software for free with the trial version.

Can you think of any other problems that a new gym owner may have to face? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and share your solution with us and our readers. Also, if you liked what you read, consider sharing it with your friends and family whom this may help.




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